16th May 2010

This was our sixth visit to our new wood and this time it was just to hang out and see what we could see. When we arrived it had at last dried out enough to be able to drive an ordinary car up our track, meaning that we didn’t have to carry everything quite so far.

On entering Lunar Wood the smell of the Bluebells was overpowering. They were at their absolute peak and there was a deep blue haze across the wood as far as the eye could see. At the kitchen site nothing had been disturbed and it was as if we had just left.

After a cup of tea and a sandwich we went for a wander and to see what new species we could find, either those that we had missed before or ones that had newly emerged. Two of the great finds were: Wood Sorrel [Oxalis acetosella], which has leaves with a wonderful  lemon flavour and Broom [Cytisus scoparius] with its masses of golden-yellow, pea-like flowers.

We also encountered  a few deer, fallow I think, and a young fox made a brief appearance in the Sweet Chestnut coppice at the top of the hill.

3 Responses to “16th May 2010”

  1. Richard & Fi, It looks like it suits you perfectly! I can’t wait to roam your wood with you with and rely on your expert eyes point out the glories of the plant world … to sit around a campfire — with a request for more chairs from Oscar. Enjoy the long weekend there. Lots of love, Anne

  2. Richard says:

    Richard, it looks great. Oscar looked as though he needed a sit down after all that effort. It reminded me of something out of Video Jug.
    Does this mean that Graham will not be seeing you both again?

  3. Shelagh says:

    Hi Fi and Richard
    What a great wood! Can`t wait to hug one of your trees! Love all the bluebells. Look forward to visiting your little kingdom!