Lunar Wood: April Fools

Friday 30th. March – Monday 2nd. April

This past weekend we had a massive working party down at Lunar Wood with 25 of us camping, eating, drinking and working together.

The main idea was to get to work on the area of Oak plantation, where the Birch scrub is beginning to get an upper hand.
We started working from the main track, heading towards the main ride, felling all the Birch scrub and leaving the Oaks and any other unusual trees as we went. There were Hornbeam, Willow, Sweet Chestnut and Rowan.
We managed to almost complete 3 rows, which is a strip about 9m. wide. Everyone worked very hard and this has let in a lot more light. The remaining trees will now have less competition and grow better. The increased light levels will encourage the pre-existing ground flora to re-establish itself and we can now “see the wood for the trees.”

It was such a treat to spend time in the woods with such a great group of people who were all truly inspiring.

Also I must express my great thanks and admiration to Oscar, who did most of the organising and all the catering. On Saturday night Oscar cooked a fantastic Venison Stew from a deer that was shot in our wood by our neighbour Mick “The Game Keeper” (thank you Mick), as well as a pumpkin stew. As well as evening meals Oscar provided us all with cooked breakfasts, mid morning teas and coffees and lunch… what a star.

So thanks again to all of you who came and I hope that we can all meet up again in Lunar Wood very soon.

For more pictures click the link below.

Lunar Wood: April Fools – Gallery

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