Late Summer 2010

Fi and I have just returned from an extended period in Lunar Wood, 15 days, during which time we had the opportunity to get on with a lot of the things that we have been unable to do during shorter visits to the wood. During this time we also had lots of visits from friends and family, which was great, as it gave us an opportunity to show people what we are up to and to share this wonderful place with them.

Every time we go down to Lunar Wood it is different from the last time.

  • New plant species are making their presence known, they’re either bigger, or now in flower, which makes them more noticeable.
  • Things have grown, in particular the Sweet Chestnut Coppice which is moving like a rocket, some is now over 18 ft. high and it was only cut in April 2008
  • New features are showing up in the landscape: there are two saw pits that are now quite distinct and the Lynchets are more visible than before.
  • Now we’ve been there for a while the wild life of the wood is becoming more noticeable: Owls, Lizards, Bats, Deer, Badgers and an extraordinary number of bird species. Insects of all sorts abound, in particular there is a huge range if moths and butterflies as well as Crickets and Grasshoppers.

Woodland ShelterAs we were to be staying for quite some time we decided that we would use a larger tarpaulin for our shelter/kitchen area. [Construction details in a later post.] So it is now 24′ x18′ rather than the previous 18′ x 12′. This is a great arrangement and gives us a lot more space to spread our wings, more room for more people to be able to hide from inclement weather and it also collects twice as much rain-water in a given time.

Woodland TableOn our first day there one of the first things we did was to put up a decent level¬† table. We were expecting a few visitors for a family get together and we definitely needed a decent sized space, off the ground, to spread our ‘banquet’ out upon.

The table’s main purpose was to be for food preparation and to keep things that are in frequent use off the ground (less bending over for the older folk). A very simple and quick construction technique, that we only decided on at the last moment. [Construction details in a later post.]

Table DecorationThe family get together was great. It’s nice to able to share this place with other people. Fi’s brother and sister, Charlie and Shelagh, came down withe their partners, Sue and Mike respectively. A bit later our son Acer arrived with his girlfriend, Charlotte. It was the first time that he had been to the wood since we bought it and it was nice that he could at last see it in the flesh.
Charlie brought a selection of his very respectable home brewed wines and beers. I particularly liked the English Porter and the Desert Wine. There was: marinated chicken, lamb kebabs, the ubiquitous sausage (but very nice organic varieties),  and haloumi cheese. Olives, salads (very nice Waldorf from Shelagh), nibbles and much else besides.
Sue made a great Picnic Pie and Shelagh produced two very nice cakes as well, which we had with our afternoon tea. The Lemon Meringue Pie was wonderful.
After lunch we had an extended tour of the ‘estate’ and a bit of a walk along the Bridle Path. I’m not too sure that people were as impressed as Fi and I were with our half finished toilet, but next time they’ll be able to experience it in all it’s finished glory.

Until I write more here is a link to a few photos taken during our extended stay.

Late Summer 2010

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