Lunar Wood: April Fools

Friday 30th. March – Monday 2nd. April

This past weekend we had a massive working party down at Lunar Wood with 25 of us camping, eating, drinking and working together.

The main idea was to get to work on the area of Oak plantation, where the Birch scrub is beginning to get an upper hand. More… »

Sweet Chestnut Bark

This Spring and Summer we have been experimenting with some of the uses of the bark from Sweet Chestnut Trees and wish to share some of our findings.

The pictures are pretty informative and there is a separate gallery of all the pictures related to this. More… »

Late Summer 2010

Fi and I have just returned from an extended period in Lunar Wood, 15 days, during which time we had the opportunity to get on with a lot of the things that we have been unable to do during shorter visits to the wood. During this time we also had lots of visits from friends and family, which was great, as it gave us an opportunity to show people what we are up to and to share this wonderful place with them. More… »

Compost Toilet

This weekend we at last got down to work on the compost toilet, which we seem to have avoided doing on out last 3 visits.
More… »

Thousands of trees are being felled across the South West and are starting to be felled in Devon and Cornwall because of the spread of a deadly disease.
Infected trees were first found in the South West in 2009 but helicopter surveys have shown the disease has spread more rapidly than expected.
Landowners are asked to be vigilant about so-called Sudden Oak Death and report any suspected outbreaks.
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